Turtle city – over 250 turtles in one week!

Hello divers & divettes,

Sorry for not keeping you informed about the East Coast. I don’t have an excuse for it other than we are just a bit behind with all kinds of stuff. But now the interesting part. We found out that, just South of the White Hole, there is a field of seafans. The averege depth is around 30 feet and the place is filled with turtles. Last week we have spotted more than 250 of them, so we have decided to do the whitehole from North to South and then go over to Turtle City. These dives are great. After the tarpons and conch we end the dive in “turtle soup” – can’t beat that dive experience! We hope to show it to all our divefans. We now have to find out if this is permanent or just temporary, so we’ll keep you informed.

Greetz from the BECD team

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