East Coast Diving

Explore the Wild Side

Bonaire East Coast Diving is a specialized boat diving operation that mainly focuses on the famous east side of Bonaire. We’ll take you out for a different – better! – dive experience. Expect to see the most exciting creatures Bonaire has to offer. Spotted eagle rays, stingrays, green moray eels, and lots of turtles are no exception on the east coast!


Diving on Bonaire

Shore Diving Capital of the World

Bonaire has been well known for many years as the shore diving capital of the world. The geographical shape of the island creates natural protection on the west side against the constant eastern trade winds. The shallow coral reefs make it a one of a kind dive destination – a true diver’s paradise – where “unlimited” shore diving is possible. Nevertheless, the leeward side does not even cover half of the shoreline. This offers lots of sites to be yet discovered on the north, south and mainly the east side of the island. Come and explore the untouched corals and abundant marine life these sites have to offer! Welcome to Bonaire East Coast Diving!


About Us

Specialized boat diving

Bonaire East Coast Diving is the proud owner of two specially designed boats, ready to take you to the most beautiful dive sites Bonaire has to offer. Our custom built Zodiacs, equipped with all the necessary safety gear, makes diving on the windward side a breeze for all levels of divers.

Take a deep breath, as our passionate and skilled crew guides you beneath the waves. From drifting across vibrant coral reefs, bustling with turtles… to the vastness of the big blue, where eagle rays fly and fish school… This is our office, and we’re happy to show you around.

Watch an introduction to our operation and what you can expect when diving with Bonaire East Coast Diving here.

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