Stinapa survey after storm Bret

On Tuesday June 20th, tropical storm Bret caused strong winds and a large swell on Bonaire’s east coast. Unfortunately some of the facilities of the local restaurants and surf shops on shore were damaged by this. Thanks to a good crowd with a great attitude, most of this was cleaned up and repaired within a few days. The question for us was, how bad of a beating did the reef get? The very first day we noticed a lot of sand on the reef which makes things look a lot worse than they are but especially a lot more difficult to see what really happened. After the first few days we got in touch with the Marine Park and decided to do a proper survey on Sunday, after giving the reef a few days to settle down. Surprisingly the experts noticed that despite a few broken – mostly – soft corals, the reef didn’t look too bad at all. A lot of the corals had already cleaned most of the sand of themselves which made everything look a lot better than on the day after. Good news after all the bad weather, let’s hope the rest of the hurricane season will be “quiet” for the Leeward Antilles. And in case you were worried, all the turtles were still there too ;-). We’ll keep you posted!

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