Exclusive Dive Charter

Your favorite dive operator is proud to announce that we are adding a second boat to our fleet!

As a lot of you will know, our current Zodiac RIB has proven over the years to be a commercial workhorse. Reliable, fast and very comfortable in rougher seas. Because of the many advantages she has over regular dive boats, we decided to team up with this reputable company once again to custom build the ultimate dive boat.

This will give us the opportunity to offer you an even better boat diving experience, to many different sites on the north, south and east coast of Bonaire. As of next year, you will be able to book exclusive dive charters, fully catered to your needs.

Because of our high standards we can offer you the most knowledgeable dive crew on the ultimate dive boat to the best dive sites Bonaire has to offer. If you are ready to take your diving adventures to the next level, you can sign up to become a First Mate and receive updates regarding our new exclusive charters!

Click here for a tour of our new custom charter boat!


Disclaimer: dive sites are subject to change, depending on weather conditions on the day of your reservation.

North $2400
The north side of the island is known for its hard coral formations. Anything past the Karpata/BOPEC area is known to be untouched hard coral reef including boulder, plate and pillar corals. Getting in from shore means navigating through the coral formations in shallow water, often in rough conditions. Supposedly, this is what most of the shallow reefs in the bay of Kralendijk looked like before they got hit by the aftermath of Hurricane Lenny in 1999. Unspoiled, less frequented, gorgeous coral reef. Apart from the odd hawksbill or loggerhead turtle sighting, it is not uncommon to see smaller pelagics in this area. The surge can make a shore entry challenging but by boat there are no limitations.

Dive sites may include: Candy Land, Taylor Made, Washington Slagbaai National Park, Malmok Lighthouse, Boka Onima.
East $2000
Besides our classic east coast dive charters, we would like to show you all the beauty the east coast has to offer as an exclusive private dive experience. The same quality of instruction and attention to detail can be expected, without our typical time frame. Two guided drift dives on the east coast separated by a nice long interval including lunch, surrounded by all the beauty Lac Bay has to offer. For all our long-time visitors and friends, this is the perfect way to share the wild side with your group!

Dive sites may include: Funchi’s Reef, White Hole, Turtle City, The Fingers, Baby Beach, Black Rock.
South $2200
The reef on the south side is mainly covered in soft corals. Corals that are built to withstand the constant trade winds and ocean swell. You’ll see a reef that is very similar to the east coast, and in areas some of the biggest elk horn coral formations to be found around the island. The shallows are mostly sand so besides a very healthy reef system, chances of seeing a southern stingray or spotted eagle ray are fairly high in the south. Mild to stronger currents can be expected but don’t pose a threat as we will be doing drift dives.

Dive sites may include: Radar Tower, Red Slave, Willemstoren Lighthouse.

Are you ready to explore Bonaire's incredible East Coast?